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Beginning of Gold Thread Lift

    04/03/2013 – Gold Thread implantation

    Gold Thread UK presents a unique method of pure Gold threads implantation.

    By Irina Gorianova
    March 4th, 2013

    Sale, Manchester – A new and unique technique of Gold Threads implantation was presented to clients of a privately owned non-surgical cosmetic clinic last Friday. The LASERINA clinic customers learnt about Gold Thread medical technology as an advanced method of skin rejuvenation that involves implantation of a pure thin gold thread into the sub dermal skin. The old method of this procedure was previously used by a doctor at Harley Street in London. Extensive swelling and bruising was reported post procedure although very good results were achieved. The new method of Gold Thread implantation has almost no downtime allowing a patient getting back to their normal life immediately after the procedure. The product is a 99.99% Pure Gold Thread and is much thinner that the one is used by the old European method. It comes in sterile packaging and was tested to FDA (USA), Russian and Chinese standards.

    About Gold Thread UK
    Gold Thread UK was funded in 2012 and is owned by a group of medical professionals including Irina Gorianova the owner of the LASERINA clinic. The company is a branch of Gold Thread LLC, manufacture of Gold Threads that is based in Cincinnati, US. Gold Thread UK believes that innovation is everything and is a gold rule of success especially in times of current difficult financial situation. Based on the achievements of the LASERINA clinic and its continuing development policy, the new company will deliver Gold Thread skin rejuvenation treatment to discerning customers in an honest and personal approach. For more information, please visithttp://www.goldthreaduk.co.uk

    About Irina Gorianova
    Irina Gorianova moved to UK 14 years ago. She is registered as a General Nurse in UK, Ireland and Russia. Irina has over 20 years of Professional Nursing experience gained while working in the NHS and Public Sector; including Cosmetic and General Surgery. Prior to setting up as independent non-surgical cosmetic service provider she has managed two large surgical cosmetic clinics at Harley Street and Oxford Circus in London. Irina had Gold Thread implanted in her face with new method of Gold Thread procedure in the beginning of this year and already seeing some result. Though being completely satisfied with the medical line of her business she always wanted to present her home country to British people with a personal touch. Her clients are regularly invited to Russian events to learn about Russian culture, cuisine and history. For more information, please visit : Russian evening and Travel Russia

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