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South Trafford Authority welcomes Russian Delegation

    14/11/2013 – South Trafford Councillor greeted Russian delegation in Russian.

    the LASERINA clinic hosted a group of Russian small/medium Business Apprentices who visited Manchester as part of the Putin's presidential programme. The group was welcomed to Manchester by Trafford Councillor Michael Hyman who greeted them saying his short presentation in Russian!!!

    The visit was organised by a Russian government funded organisation - 'Union of resource centres'. The Group of 14 small/medium business owners/representatives were chosen from 300 candidates who successfully accomplished the president Putin’s Apprentice programme - 'Business growth and prosperity'.

    The Programme was set up over 10 years ago to facilitate the development of Russian professional personnel training in line with recognised western standards. "It is important that our personnel are trained in western countries", said President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with the Russian business managers in 2002. "There are a lot of prospects in Russia. And we sincerely hope that these prospects will be in good hands", he continued.

    The Programme enables the key personnel in the business to gain the necessary knowledge and experience of the varying business structures and management styles across the western world, which can then be applied in the Russian management context. Equally, the Programme naturally promotes the business partnerships between Russian and, in particular, the UK businesses.

    Councillor Michael Hyman JP welcomed Russian saying, “he believes that president Putin’s idea is enlighten looking forward approach of growing and developing economic growth on the way to prosperity”. The delegates were nicely surprised that he spoke in their own language which he had learned from his Russian Grandmother. The atmosphere in the clinic was warm, welcoming and friendly. There was interest in possibility of opening a business branch of a Russian based logistics company in Trafford Park. Tom Wild, Trafford Council Growth & Business Development Manager, agreed to assist Mr Andrey Atlanov who presented his own company Logistic Grupp LLC based in Novosibirsk.

    Irina Gorianova, Director of the laserina clinic and Maria Udalova-Surkova, Associated Solicitor of McHale & Co both Russian natives who have lived in the UK for more then 15 years, shared their business experience with the Apprentices.

    For more information and photographs please contact Irina Gorianova on 0161 969 4190 or 07940622178 or therapy@laserina.co.uk

    Photograph attached: in the middle South Trafford Councillor Michael Hyman JP, on his right Irina Gorianova, director of the LASERINA clinic first on the left - Maria Udalova-Surkova, Associated Solicitor of McHale & Co first on the right - Tom Wild, South Trafford Growth & Business Development Manager

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