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    One of the best solutions for clogged pores and tired skin.

    Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing includes:

    ● Steam with aromatherapy
    ● Tonic oxygenation with ozone
    ● Exfoliation by AHA (Glycolic Exfoliation) application
    ● Extraction of impurities
    ● Ultrasonic Deep Skin Exfoliation
    ● Ultrasonic Facial Up-lift
    ● Calming Mask
    ● Massage and Moisturisation

    Many skin problems are caused by or are associated with an excessive build-up of dead skin cells that makes the skin thick and dull, and causes clogged pores. This procedure is suitable for everyone because we don't realise that our skin is polluted by outside world. Deep cleansing kills the bacteria, decrease the oiliness of the skin and makes it look more clean and radiant.

    When you would attempt to extract black heads or comedones and drain cysts yourself by squeezing or picking, you might notice that this will cause worsening of skin condition and especially the acne. Doing it yourself might lead to scarring, and infection. Tissue injured by squeezing or picking can become infected by staphylococci, streptococci and other bacteria which may be very resistant to treatment.

    Condition called Milia also can be treated during this treatment. Milia is a condition that is caused by dead skin cells getting trapped inside pores causing inflammation and a white or yellow head to form which contains a protein called keratin, the head is usually 1mm or 2mm wide. The process of milia removal involves a sterile small gauge needle which is used to unroof the milia to extract the keratin. This process may be quite uncomfortable but results in minimal or no scarring. The treatment last 1 hour and a few treatments may be necessary to clear the whole or large area.

    DEEP SKIN rejuvenation treatment promotes the cell renewal process by enhancing blood circulation and increasing collagen and elastin production, gently deep cleansing the skin of harmful toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encouraging lymphatic drainage and gently exfoliating away dead skin cells. The result is clearer, firmer, brighter, more vibrant looking skin!

    The Ultrasonic Deep Skin cleansing Facial consist of: ozon steaming, deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extraction, a treatment mask and Facial
    massage for better product absorption.

    Steaming makes use of internal ultra violet light and the boiling process in order to produce steam. It will moisten your skin texture, whiten and purifier your skin, promote overall and easy blood circulation, accelerate. skin metabolism. Facial ozone steamers loosen the dirt - clogged in the pores of you skin and increase cell oxygenation.

    Glycolic Peel* is a gold base because it allows, although superficial, deep skin exfoliation. During the brief application the intracellular glue is diluted allowing faster skin exfoliation and pore cleansing.

    *Glycolic Peel will be used only after a patch test.

    Extraction can remove pimple-producing debris from clogged pores, getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads. For certain types of skin including skin affected by acne it will be beneficial to remove the contents of the lesions manually preventing formation of such formation over and over again. By doing so, better and faster results can be achieved. A tiny device may be used to extract whiteheads and blackheads with minimal discomfort. This procedure should only be performed by an expert under clean conditions.

    Ultrasonic Exfoliation: Ultrasonic waves penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and improve the elasticity of skin cells thus functioning as a natural face lift. This technique reduces the aging process by tightening and firming your skin. Furthermore, the ultrasonic waves vastly improve the absorption of nutrients into the skin. The vibrations of the ultrasonic waves remove old cuticles and oiled waste from the pores, giving you healthier and firmer skin. It removes dead skin cells and brings the tender surface of your skin out on your face.

    Cooling Mask has a soothing effect by controlling skin inflammation (swelling, redness and associated discomfort). Masks will be applied at the end of procedure before Moisturisation & massage to facilitate the healing process following these procedure.

    Result of Ultrasonic Deep Skin Facial can be enhanced by Glycolic Peel.
    This combines the luxuries of a chemical peel in conjunction with advanced Exfoliation and therapeutic facial ultrasound treatment which involves a tree-step process; first Ultrasound buffs away the dull outer layer, second a Glycolic application is immediately applied to absorb deeper into the dermis, third an Ultrasound massage that achieves deep penetration and absorption of topical moisturiser. The ultrasound treatment rejuvenates and defends against the aging process by reducing lines and softening wrinkles. This routine is advisable to people who suffer from Melasma.

    You will not be hustled or pushed into buying anything at your first consultation. It is designed and designated to provide necessary knowledge and understanding of the treatment and the technology used to assist you in making your own decision. Children from 16 years of age can have this treatment at Laserina Clinic if it is recommended by their GP.

    Price Guide: £65
    £95 with Glycolic Peel application

    You can contact us by e-mail: therapy@laserina.co.uk