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reverse SUN DAMAGE and rejuvenate your skin

    21/08/2014 – reverse SUN DAMAGE and look YOUNGER

    Summer is over and we bear memories of sunny beaches, relaxing hotels, romantic sunsets and unfortunately SUN DAMAGE... although age is just a number, it is no secret that we all want to look younger. Today anyone can feel younger and look gorgeous with a little help at our clinic.

    Some of us go for a painful Botox, chemical peels or surgery But before you decide to go down the root of dermal fillers or go under the scalpel why not consider looking into needle free, non-surgical options. Many women at the LASERINA clinic have discovered new, kinder ways to lose wrinkles, without losing expressions and are looking younger, without any pain, bleeding or bruising. We will tell you things that even your best friend wouldn't and give you answers on how to turn back the clock. We have advanced technologies and extensive knowledge.

    From Ultrasonic exfoliation to non-surgical Face Lift, IPL photo-rejuvenation and vitamin MESOTHERAPY to tips on how to maintain your result for longer, a team of experienced medical practitioners use every trick in the book to make you lose years off your face and body.

    Appearance is everything, and it's not what age you are, but how old your friends and family think you look, that counts. Once the course of treatments is complete, our clients hear regular comments from people around them on how fresher their skin is. It is not a secret that we all want to sparkle, especially at the Christmas party to make heads turn!

    Advanced cutting edge technology used at the LASERINA clinic will restore your skin to its younger, smoother and radiant complexion.

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